Have you ever thought about just packing it all in and moving to another country? Well, you are not alone.

The thought of moving to another country might sound exciting, but it turns out you can’t just show up somewhere and hope it all works out. Successfully becoming an expat takes time and planning, which is the genesis for this website. A significant portion of our blog will feature stories about the experiences we have with our transition including preparations, paperwork, lifestyle changes and the successes and challenges of the journey. Also, we’ll share reviews of our favorite Places and Things from our travels. We hope our website is both practical and inspiring. We look forward to creating relationships with others looking to move abroad or those who just love to travel. Thanks for checking us out!

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Immigrant or Expat: What's in a name?

Of all the things to be concerned about regarding our potential move to Central America, I’m thinking about our status. I don’t mean where we are in the process or what our social status is. I’m wondering whether we'll be considered expats…
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Fabrica de Arte Cubano: This is what revolution looks like.

I had planned on writing a few in-depth reviews about our time in Havana, but to be honest I’m struggling to construct a cogent narrative about our time there. In a previous post, I wrote about trying to balance romanticizing Havana with the…
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Searching for a home in the Central Valley

Brenda and I have started planning another return visit to Costa Rica. It's been a few months since our last trip and we are itching to get back as soon as possible. This time, we'd like to explore the Central Valley, near San Jose. There are…

Havana, Cuba: Romance vs. Reality

In a few weeks, we will be headed to Havana, Cuba. Of all the places we’ve visited, Cuba may be the most intriguing. I’ve had Havana on my list for so many years that part of me can’t believe we are actually going. At the same time, apprehension…
Find your spot
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Find Your Spot

Some years ago I came across a website called findyourspot.com. It is a survey site that recommends the best city/geographical area for you to live, based on answers to their questionnaire. The site matches up your personal preferences regarding…
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A Diamond In The Rough: Luna Llena Hotel

 Luna Llena Hotel It seems as though, on most trips, Brenda and I end up moving a couple of times. With limited time, we always want to experience as much as possible. Part of me would like to stay in the same place and avoid packing and unpacking. But…
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Christmas Cruise: A Weekend at Walmart

A few years ago, we started a new holiday tradition in our house. Realizing how much we disliked the craziness that is the American Christmas season, Brenda and I decided to start taking our three kids on a trip, in place of buying gifts. We…
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Christmas Market in Germany

It’s getting to be that time of year when Brenda and I start thinking about Germany. I know that may sound odd, but for quite a few years we traveled to Frankfurt, Germany every December. One of our vendors, a German company, participates…
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Whistler Blackcomb

The older we get, the more we prefer warm weather. It might be because we’ve spent our lives growing up in Wisconsin, where there truly is a shortage of warm days. But whatever the reason, both Brenda and I are constantly seeking places that…


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