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A Diamond In The Rough: Luna Llena Hotel

 Luna Llena Hotel

It seems as though, on most trips, Brenda and I end up moving a couple of times. With limited time, we always want to experience as much as possible. Part of me would like to stay in the same place and avoid packing and unpacking. But if there is time to  squeeze in another town or two, we’ll overlook the hassle that comes with changing locations.

Traffic jam in downtown Montezuma

Last March, while in Costa Rica, we stayed in three different locations. We spent time in Santa Teresa, Montezuma and then a few days in San Jose. Even though Santa Teresa and Montezuma are close to each other, there certainly is a different feel between the two towns. Montezuma feels more like a designated town whereas Santa Teresa appears to have no boundaries. I know it may sound strange to those who’ve been to either of the two locations, but Montezuma seems to be a bit more organized.

Brenda and  I are always trying to find some place that is a bit out of the ordinary when we travel. Whether it’s accommodations or geography, staying somewhere unfamiliar is part of the fun of travel. Fortunately for us, Luna Llena Hotel in  Montezuma was exactly what we were looking for. It’s a wonderful little place up the hill, above town. Part hostel, part inn, Luna Llena has 16 rooms with a host of different lodging options. There are single rooms, doubles, small cabinas, and dorm style accommodations. They basically have every configuration you could imagine. There is a large common area for socializing and a fantastic self-serve kitchen. The lounge area is outside with chairs, couches and hammocks. It’s a great place to just chill out and meet fellow travelers from all around the world.

                     Outdoor commons area

The kitchen is well stocked with pots and pans, two refrigerators and two cooktop stoves.  Coffee is provided all day and you can buy groceries in town and prepare your own meals on one of the cooktops. This is a huge cost savings because some of the restaurants in town are actually a bit expensive. Plus there is the added benefit of socializing with others around a meal and drinks.

Our first room!

The rooms may be basic but there is nothing basic about Luna Llena. Of all the places we’ve stayed, this is one of our favorites. We ended up in cabina #15 and it was perfect. The room had a comfortable bed, a private bath and a small deck with an ocean view. Every morning we would wake to a beautiful sunrise and the sounds of the forest all around us. Multiple species of birds chirping, along with the howler monkeys moving from tree to tree was our alarm clock. My morning routine was to walk up to the kitchen and grab a couple of cups of coffee and then sit on the deck with Brenda and watch as our little piece of the world started to awake. I can’t imagine a better place to start your day in Montezuma than Luna Llena Hotel.

I’ve read a few reviews on other travel sites that comment on road noise when staying in certain rooms. The cabina we stayed in is actually the closest to the road and I never considered it to be an issue. The beauty of the ocean and sunrise in the morning along make up for any slight noise you might hear at night. When we head back to Luna Llena, and we definitely will be returning, we’ll request #15 again.

There are a handful of places to stay in Montezuma but if you truly want a wonderful experience, we highly recommend Luna Llena Hotel. The hotel grounds are beautiful and the hospitality from Milly and everyone can’t be beat. You hear the phrase Pura Vida quite often in Costa Rica. If you want to experience it, stay here!

Thanks for checking us out!

Scott and Brenda

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